Heart on Her Sleeve

Short Film/ Family/Fantasy

Dessa, a C average student whose on the swim team, realizes she’s an oracle and discovers how to handle it. Her family is behind her back all the way.

History Always Repeats Itself

Video Game/ Thriller/Suspense

All people have problems pick one for you. No matter the problem you have you are approached by a stranger wants to help. He helps you if you help him create chaos.


Time Well Spent

Short Story/ Fantasy

Pandora, a young adult author who wears her heart on her sleeve, wants her boyfriend to meet her dad who passed away years ago.

Head Hunters/ Fight for Equality Bible

Compilation/ Creative

In my Developing New Worlds class, I learned how to flesh out the Head Hunters universe. History, environment, and characters are discussed.

Monsters Come to Life_AudioScript

Cassandra, a home-schooled muisc nymph with no social experience, discovers why she doesn’t go to public school. Her dad shows her a school nearby that’s protected from evil.

Achievement Unlocked

Blog Post

After nine years I was finally able to keep a promise to my father, and I was overwhelmed with opinions and emotions.

Treasured Memories

Blog Post

I chose to write about eighteen people and my memories of them.

Treasured Memories II

Blog Post

I chose to update some of the people in the first as well as add others.

Strong Women in Fiction

Blog Post

I chose to research and talk about older and newer strong females in fiction.

Representation Matters

Blog Post

I wrote about representation of disabilities in the media and how some are portrayed better than others.

My Start Story

Blog Post

Inspired by the ‘Start Stories’ on the Start TV channel I wrote my Start story by blog, and even though I wrote it in 2019 I’m still very proud of it.

Chloe’s Nightmare

Transmedia story/ Fantasy/ Suspense

I’ve been exploring the Head Hunters’ universe and expanding it for a while. While a lot of my stuff is in notebooks scattered around you can now read a multi-platform story about a music nymph, Chloe Millers, that was held captive and handicapped by the Head Hunters in a Californian base.

Missing Family Time


One of my brothers inspired a heartfelt poem.

Where Did the Time Go?


My niece inspired a heartfelt poem.

Would an Apology Truly Help?

Book review

For Eve Ensler’s The Apology

Could You be a Champion’s Squire?

Book Review

For Elana A. Mugdan’s The Champion’s Squire

The Eyes

Short story

Have you ever looked at someone and noticed that they are about to break? They’ve been holding so much back that they just can’t take it anymore. Would you be able to help them in time? What would make you notice that they need your help?

A Second Shot of Life at the End of the World

Book Review

For Nephrys Darkwater’s Lotus

The Porcelain Beauty


A poem inspired by a high school crush

We Can All Be Difficult Women (Book Review)

Book Review

For Karen Karbo’s In Praise of Difficult Women

Global Writing Community E-Magazine

Blog Post

In this blog I show every Global Writing Community E-Magazine issue and explain the hiatus to the best of my ability. I shared all my work, and if I had more time I would have shared more work from other writers if I could have gotten their permissions.

Does Scoobtober Deliver?

TV Marathon/Show Review

In October, Boomerang played ten hours of Scooby-Doo every day, and because I loved Scooby-Doo and still do I watched it religiously throughout the month. I wrote a review on the month and its entirety. With the help of two editors who wanted to watch the marathon but missed it my review came out pretty well.

Would You Change Yourself to Avoid Being Turkey Dropped?

Movie Review

My first movie review for the only Thanksgiving movie I could find in November. It’s for the 2018 Freeform movie, Turkey Drop starring Olivia Holt, Cheryl Hines, and Ben Levin. I used what I know about writing book reviews but added what I would want to know about the movies like who it stars and when it comes out.

Have You Ever Heard of the Little Red Wolf?

Book Review

This is a book review on the children’s book The Little Red Wolf by Amélie Fléchais (illustrator), Andrea Colvin (editor), and Jeremy Melloul (translator). I add my niece’s take on it as well as my own because she fits the age range, and she’s one of the most stubborn readers I know.

Head Hunters’ Insider Knowledge


This is dedicated to the Head Hunters universe I’m always creating. It has information on each race, character bios for characters in each story,  Chloe’s Nightmare from the Global Writing Community, pictures from my Head Hunters Facebook fanpage, a small portion of my bio, and specific contact information to reach me about all things Head Hunters.

Museum of Kaylyn Gabbert 


This shows off my best writing throughout the entire decade. It shows off some of my creative writing assignments from community college and Full Sail University, short stories, blurbs, and so much more. It also shows how much I’ve grown as a writer as well as a person throughout the decade.

10 Women Who Changed My Life

Blog Post

I emulated an article I saw in an old issue of Glamour of women who shaped who I am.

10 Men Who Changed My Life

Blog Post

I emulated an article I saw in an old issue of Glamour of men who shaped who I am.

Forgiveness and Life Lessons (Book Review)

Book Review

This a book review I wrote after reading Carole L. Curry’s Intertwined.

International Women’s Day from Kaylyn’s Universes

Blog Post

With International Women’s Day, (2021) just having past I thought I’d show off some of my most recent women of all walks of life from my current projects, six projects.

The Pros and Cons of Being an Advocate (Short Story)

I pulled out an excerpt from an 2011 short story I shelved same year. I dusted it off and spruced it up before sending it in. It now inspired parts of a new book I’m working on.

Talk-It-Over Podcast with Carolyn DeClue

A podcast I did for the GWC E-Magazine July 2021 issue.  This is my first ever podcast, and I’m very proud of that.

NOTE: Unfortunately there are currently technical issues with the Podbean link on the computer but not the phone.

Trapped by Horror Tropes

This is a short story I wrote based on a true story that mostly happened to me back in 2010. The ending did not happen, but I changed it because the true ending with the pick-up truck is less believable.

Never Fight a Merchant

This is a poem also based on true events but from 2008 -ish, and it’s a cheerier subject with a picture added.

How to Defeat Writer’s Block

This is my first article in a while, and these are my personal methods of defeating writer’s block.

Want to Join the Wizarding World? (Store Review)

This is my review of the Harry Potter store in Manhattan. It’s my first review of a store.

Hosting Short Story Contest

This is my blog entry about two short story contest I hosted/am currently hosting and the first winner I had, their story and an interview with them.

Interview with Creators of Dreamland

I was given a chance to interview the creators of Dreamland after I met the writer, Jason Millers at New York ComicCon.

Caters to Disabilities?

This is my review of the Washington Jefferson hotel in Manhattan, NY. It was so important to me that this was only one of two blogs I posted it on.

International Women’s Day from Kaylyn’s Universes Volume II

For International Women’s Day 2022, I shared the women and a few antagonists from four stories.