I was inspired to create this page by Sherilynn Kenyon and one of my Full Sail University classes to create a character page. While reading Cinder by Marissa Meyer and wanting to look up more information on her characters and sadly, finding none, I thought it was time to make a character page.

There will be no character page for my Drag Me to Hell book because those characters are based off real people (I was given permission to base a character of each and every one of them) but I don’t want to color your opinion of them. That is not my place to do so. But with Head Hunters there are original characters along with characters inspired by some wonderful people in my life.

Angel Shudo: Angel’s a music nymph, and she very kind. When Angel was born and her parents found out she was a music nymph; her father was ecstatic to have a very special powers, but her mother was jealous because she was the only one in the family who was human. At first, she was a little behind on the curve with her powers, but when her powers came it they came in at full blast putting her in danger because Head Hunters have nearly caused the music nymph race to almost be extinct which was why her father was so happy his little girl was a music nymph. She’s intelligent, courageous, and friendly. She would never let her friends down, and she never wants to let fear rule her life anymore after her mother abused her verbally and physically and that drove a small wedge between her and her father. Her mother loved tearing her down because she, in her own words, doesn’t want her daughter to get a swelled head. She was always afraid to go home, but once her friends told her dad what was going on things got better for them. Besides not telling her father about her abusive mother Angel has always been very close with her father. Angel with the rest of Cassandra, Celeste, Aria formed a cover band for fun and to be a distraction as their friends find out more about the Head Hunters. Angel’s the singer in the band, Black Velvet Rose.

Mitzi Aeria: Mitzi is a seventeen-year-old angel whose Angel’s best friend and roommate. She’s very protective of her friends, and when her friends fight she won’t pick sides because they are still her friends. She loves examining weapons and researching weapons, this is especially seen after the Head Hunters. She’s great at finding flaws in any weapon. Mitzi was inspired by one of my sisters and best friends, Christina.

Stryker Howett: Stryker is a very protective werewolf is a close friend to Angel and Mitzi. He’s a gamer. He’s kind, gentle, and intelligent. He always looks out for his friends. He has more of a mysterious past that no one quite knows yet. With everything going on it’s hard to get to know someone.  He was inspired by my husband, Richard.

Cassandra Atwater: Cassandra’s a person who sends Angel into her hero’s journey. She’s a music nymph. She was home-schooled most her life before her and her family were forced out of their home by a home invasion. Cassandra has a brother and sister that are twins and happily married parents. She’s very artistic as is her sister. She used to be shy before she moved onto the boarding school campus.  Cassandra is the drummer in the all-girl cover band, Black Velvet Rose.

Hayden Johnson: Hayden is one of Angel’s friends back from her hometown. He is an angel and comes from a big family. He’s an amazing hacker. His parents are happily married and love to encourage their children to do their best. He had four younger brothers in the beginning of Head Hunters, but by the end he gained a brother.

Celeste Baker: Celeste Baker is a bright girl who was kept to herself before the story started. Angel and Celeste had a tough relationship before they knew about the Hunters. She had a tough life before moving to the school and staying there. She was disowned by her parents for her looks. Celeste has the most unique physical appearance; she has two-toned skin in patches a soft caramel color and a dark chocolate color that she was born with. She has naturally orange and black striped hair. She’s a were-tiger which describes her appearance in her human form. Celeste is the bassist in Black Velvet Rose.

Cayden Atwater: Cayden is Cassandra’s younger brother and a very powerful music nymph. He’s only thirteen, and has talents that most music nymphs do not have thanks to his parents always encouraging and supporting him and siblings. He’s loyal, loving, and very protective of his friends and family.

Daniya Atwater: Daniya’s Cayden’s twin sister and she’s only like a few minutes younger.  Daniya is very intelligent and artistic. She’s very encouraging of everyone she meets.  She designs clothes and makes her own sometimes. She, like her brother, is very talented for her age, but she prefers to use her music nymph skills with basic self-defense so she won’t draw attention to herself for not being human.

Aria Kuester: Aria Kuester is closest to Celeste. She was really Celeste’s first friend before Celeste got to know everyone else. She’s most important to opening Celeste’s character up. Not much is known about Aria, but she’s an intelligent person who is a great friend. She’s loyal to the end. Aria is a guitarist in the all-girl cover band Black Velvet Rose that also includes Angel Shudo, Cassandra Atwater, and Celeste Baker. Aria is a very talented young witch who’s a master at protection spells.

Lily Clearwater: Lily Clearwater owns, runs, and protects Veldime Point. She takes her job very seriously. She put a protective barrier around the school to protect the staff and students. She knows every one of her students. She always encourages her students to be proud of who they are and to utilize their powers. She later adopts Celeste Baker as her own.

Keith Shudo: He’s Angel’s father, and he was based off and inspired by my own father. I wrote him as a tribute to my dad, Keith. He’s an angel. He’s supportive, kind, gentle, and very intelligent. He ends up adopting Natsu. He gets along with pretty much everyone and will always here everyone out even if they are kids. He treats anyone he meets with respect.

Taralyn Atwater: She’s a mother of three and a happily married music nymph. She’s home-schooled since her kids were born pretty much. Taralyn is well-respected teacher at Veldime Point now. She’s always encourages her kids to do their best and do what makes them happy.

Rian Johnson: Rian is a social worker along with being an angel. He’s happily married to Cassadee and they had five kids together, all boys. They later adopted another boy who was in need of their help. He has medical training, and always looks out for a kids’ best interests at heart.

Cassadee Johnson: She’s a werewolf. Cassadee is a loving mother and mother to five, six later. She loves spending time with her kids’ friends and getting to know them as well. She’s a well-known psychiatrist who doesn’t always work for money like when it’s an extreme case. She wants kids to be kids as long as they can, so when things started getting tough because of the Head Hunters she made sure the kids took breaks and just hung out like people usually do.

As more information appears or more characters become more important I’ll update as needed.