I have two books out currently and have more in the works.

There’s Drag Me to Hell (which has nothing to do with the 2009 movie). They just share the title.  Here’s the summary.

“You can’t live until you die,” she whispered as she stabbed me in the chest.

I stared at the wall behind her in utter horror as I started coughing up blood. She pulled the knife out of me as I fell to my knees. She smiled happily while she watched me try to save myself, as I grimly realized that I wasn’t going to find any help.

She bent over me and whispered, “I’ll see you soon enough.” so quietly I almost didn’t hear her.

She fled out my window as I heard one of my roommates walking toward my room. I blacked out as I heard my friend, Fang, open my bedroom door.



And then there is Head Hunters.  Here’s the summary.

This tale follows a music nymph and her friends learning to be themselves and facing the deadly Head Hunters (poachers of supernatural beings). When Angel gets her powers she finds out she’s on the endangered species list. Her friends who are were creatures, angels, and witches are being poached as well. Head Hunters want the were creatures’ pelts and the angels’ wings and such. How would you feel if people wanted to kill you for a certain body part? Would you be okay if hunters wanted to kill a family member of yours just for a piece of them?



You can buy Drag Me to Hell by clicking on the link.

You can buy Head Hunters by clicking on the link.

You can buy the books wherever you want. They are available many places.

I also have a blog where I write about life, school, and my writing. If you’d like to look at it here’s the link: Kaylyn’s World

Both Drag Me to Hell and Head Hunters have their own pages on Facebook that I manage.

The Drag Me to Hell page lets everyone know updates on the sequel.

The Head Hunters page is where the characters of the Head Hunters’ universe can post about what matters most to them. I’ve added more characters from the same universe to this page.

I’ve been exploring the Head Hunters’ universe and expanding it for a while. While a lot of my stuff is in notebooks scattered around you can now read a multi-platform story about a music nymph, Chloe Millers, that was held captive and handicapped by the Head Hunters in a Californian base. To check the story out click Chloe’s Nightmare

Head Hunters’ Insider Knowledge This is dedicated to the Head Hunters universe I’m always creating. It has information on each race, character bios for characters in each story,  Chloe’s Nightmare from the Global Writing Community, pictures from my Head Hunters Facebook fanpage, a small portion of my bio, and specific contact information to reach me about all things Head Hunters.

Museum of Kaylyn Gabbert This is my website to show off my best writing throughout the entire decade. It shows off some of my creative writing assignments from community college and Full Sail University, short stories, blurbs, and so much more. It also shows how much I’ve grown as a writer as well as a person throughout the decade.

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