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I’ve been writing since I was eleven, and writing has always been a great passion of mine. It helped me make sense of my life, and it also helped me through tough times. I’ve traveled a lot as a kid but I’m originally from Seattle, Washington. As I grew up I played with all different types of mediums such as script-writing, poetry, journalism, short stories, and much more.  I found a niche in writing fantasy novels, blogging, and bullet story telling (but no one sees them). My favorite fantasies to write involve other humanoid species living in a contemporary world and people with powers also in the contemorary world.

My parents were supportive of my writing. They would always give me great criticism, and make sure I had every opportunity possible. I also had the support of my friends. They gave me the courage to show them my work and eventually publish it. The first book I published was Drag Me to Hell (not related to the 2009 movie of same name). It is available at Authorhouse, Amazon, and Barnes and Noble.

I am in my thirties, and I earned my Fine Arts  Degree in Creative Writing for Entertainment from Full Sail University. I love reading, playing mobile phone games, hanging out with my family and friends, drawing, and singing and dancing. I enjoy fleshing out my written worlds of Head Hunters and adding more to my characters as time goes on. While I was attending college I published Head Hunters in 2015. A couple more recent hobbies of mine is talking on the phone with other writers and keeping our ideas inspired, support each other, and flowing and posting things as characters on Facebook.  Unfortunately, when I found that Facebook took my ability to share my character bios on my Head Hunters page I decided to change things up.  I adapted within twenty-four hours. I now do writing sprints weekly with a local community online called Brooklyn Women’s Writing Group.

I have volunteered in a library and data input at nonprofit organization called the Compassion Network. I have published two books so far. I’ve also reviewed young adult novels on Hidden Gems Romance website. I’ve worked a long blog entry about my treasured memories of important people in my life. I’m working on writing ten books, my memoir, and my giant Inspiration Dossier. Occasionally I write guest blogs, and I used to work at StrideStar Studios, as a game writer. My favorite odd job was mentoring for Developing New World students who attend Full Sail University, and that can extend to other writing courses as well. I run one writing group on Facebook and help two others with their Facebook writing groups. From there I actually was able to find out I have more of a passion for helping people learn than game writing, and I started volunteering my time through the local library as a Adult Literacy Tutor.

To get to know my writing better soon I will have a small website dedicated to my best writing as I’ve grown up throughout the years. I had to go through my notes on my Facebook notes on my private account in December 2020, and found some lovely pieces I not only want to save but want to share as a part of the Museum of Kaylyn Gabbert.