“I have been reading SciFi and the Supernatural genre for over 30. What Kaylyn Gabbert has created with her book “Head Hunters’ is very unique, it is a world with in a world, that is filled with suspense, unique powers and intrigue. Hunters coming after rare individuals with even more rare powers – a Music Nymph being very sought after and the rarest of the rare. How her friends and family come together to protect her and others with rare gifts with have you on the edge of your seat. I cannot wait for more.” -Penny A.

“This work of fiction is so far a personal favorite with how deep it becomes. There is action, mystery and suspense. Supernatural is the name of the game and the hunters are in it to win. They look and scavenge any and all of the rarest creatures they come across. Knowing that at anytime a hunter could show up and take one of your favorite characters away fills you with dread and maybe even anticipation. The uniqueness of every character you come by makes you love or hate them but builds the whole world together. The adventure that Angel will take you through is one well worth your time.” -Richard C., about Head Hunters

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It says, “Kaylyn, Here is your copy of Lotus, the very book you helped to get out into the world. I hope you continue to be a beta for me. Look forward to my many stories as I look for yours. You have good ideas, don’t let them sit on a shelf in your brain! 🙂 Nephrys Darkwater”