Heart on Her Sleeve

Short Film/ Family/Fantasy

Dessa, a C average student whose on the swim team, realizes she’s an oracle and discovers how to handle it. Her family is behind her back all the way.

TBBT The Fatherhood Conundrum COLD OPENING

The Big Bang Theory: The Fatherhood Conundrum.

Raj and Penny hanging out on the couch. Howard and Bernadette are having problems, and Bernadette seeks advice from Leonard.

The Most Important Concert

Comic: 12 pages/ Contemporary

Jimmy Joe, a talented trombone musician, tries to prepare for a winter concert. Unfortunately, Ms. Melons has other plans for him.

History Always Repeats Itself

Video Game/ Thriller/Suspense

All people have problems pick one for you. No matter the problem you have you are approached by a stranger wants to help. He helps you if you help him create chaos.


Stopping and Reporting Child Abuse

Podcast/ Mental Post

The emotional and mental health are discussed.

Time Well Spent

Short Story/ Fantasy

Pandora, a young adult author who wears her heart on her sleeve, wants her boyfriend to meet her dad who passed away years ago.

Head Hunters/ Fight for Equality Bible

Compilation/ Creative

In my Developing New Worlds class, I learned how to flesh out the Head Hunters universe. History, environment, and characters are discussed.

Monsters Come to Life_AudioScript

Cassandra, a home-schooled muisc nymph with no social experience, discovers why she doesn’t go to public school. Her dad shows her a school nearby that’s protected from evil.

An Open Letter to my Parents

Blog Post

After finding great heart-warming open letters on social media I wrote an open letter to all my parents who raised me.

Off to a Good Start

Blog Post

Since 2017 started out so well for me I posted a blog entry about it.

Not Hostess Ready

Blog Post

The first few times I was hostessing for my family I learned what hostessing actually entails. It was weird to learn something I couldn’t be taught in the traditional sense.

Achievement Unlocked

Blog Post

After nine years I was finally able to keep a promise to my father, and I was overwhelmed with opinions and emotions.

Treasured Memories

Blog Post

I chose to write about eighteen people and my memories of them.